Volquartsen Competition Thumb Ledge VT-1-1911

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Hard Coat Type III Anodized Black only

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Want a good two handed grip on your Volquartsen, but don’t know where to put your “Thumb”? Want a more consistent grip?

TEC Performance is proud to offer it’s Thumb Ledge for the Volquartsen platform to the shooting Community for competition and recreation use.

Made of High -Strength 2024 Aluminum and made to fit your Volquartsen Thumb Ledge 1911 style frame  like a glove, no modification to your handgun is needed, comes with Black Hard Coat – Type III Anodized Thumb Ledge , Hardened Trigger Pin, and all necessary hardware included.

The Volquartsen Competition Thumb Ledge VT-1

The VT-1 places your Thumb in Between the front Frame #4-40 Screw and the Trigger Pin which allows you to have a better grip and control over your Gun helping you to achieve better accuracy and speed between target engagement!

Disclaimer: This product is for competition use only and is not intended to be used on weapons intended for personal protection.


Click here for Volquartsen 1911 Style VT-1 Thumb Ledge Installation Instruction

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Black, Fits Frame with Grip S/S Screw Bushings

7 reviews for Volquartsen Competition Thumb Ledge VT-1-1911

  1. Allen

    Been looking and waiting a long time for a Thumb Ledge for my competition Volquartsens. Just installed two Tec Performance on my Scorpion Volquartsen’s. Very pleased, these are made from high grade materials and the precision machining and detail look like they came with the firearms. The installation on my first gun took about one hour the second took twenty minutes. My only surprise was that the trigger pivot spring was stiffer thus hard to push down. Just take your time and find the sweet spot on the end of the spring while pushing down on the spring and pushing the pivot pin with a drift punch. No hammers. Chris the owner/designer is a very nice person to deal with and is anxious to give tips and help.

  2. John & Wannitsa Gomez (verified owner)

    The Thumb Rest is for our Team Volquartsen Scorpions and needless to say we are very pleased with the Tec Performance design and quality. They are made from high grade aluminum and the machining detail look like they came with the firearms. The installation took about 5 minutes. No surprises at all and I didn’t have to damage, cut or drill into my firearm, which is preferred. After a brief training session at the range Wannitsa and I could not believe how solid and useful it was. Surprising we found weather you have a large or small hand the rest was in the right spot and useable. Which is not easy to design.

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Bought two of these. One for each of my Volquartsen pistols. They work VERY well. I like them because of the following reasons:
    1. It isn’t necessary to drill and tap the frame for installation.
    2. The angle of the thumb ledge itself is very nice. It helps me keep pressure downward which I feel helps with combating recoil.
    3. The serrations on the thumb ledge keep my off hand thumb where it is supposed to be. This is preferable to using skateboard tape to get traction.

    These are a great option if you have a Volqartsen pistol.

  4. Steve

    I just received my Tec Performance Competitim Thumbledge for my Volquartsen Scorpion. It took me 10 minutes to install. There is not drilling to install. The angle of the ledge is thumbs-forward for a comfortable shooting position. I highly recommend if you have a Scorpion to get a ledge!!

  5. Michael Uth (verified owner)

    I already installed the Thumbledge (without drilling). It not only fits the Scorpion Pistol, it SNUGS IN like a natural part of this gun !!!!
    Really great precision and quality !
    Greetings from Germany

  6. George (verified owner)

    Great quality product with a very well thought out design. This is the one thing that was missing on my Scorpion and now the gun has a more comfortable and balanced feel.

  7. Tom (verified owner)

    Amazing addition to my Scorpion. Factory fit and finish too! This has absolutely improved my consistency and speed with a already amazing pistol. THANKS for making this.

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