Volquartsen MKIII Target 22 Style Frame Competition Thumb Ledge VT-3-Target Frame


Fits Volquartsen MKIII Style Target Frame

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Want a good two handed grip on your Volquartsen, but don’t know where to put your “Thumb”? Want a more consistent grip?

TEC Performance is proud to offer it’s Thumb Ledge for the Volquartsen platform to the shooting Community for competition and recreation use.

Made of High -Strength 2024 Aluminum and made to fit your Volquartsen Thumb Ledge Target Frame  like a glove, no modification to your handgun is needed, comes with Black Hard Coat – Type III Anodized Thumb Ledge , Hardened Trigger Pin, and all necessary hardware included.

The Volquartsen MKIII Style Competition Thumb Ledge VT-3

The VT-3 places your Thumb Between the socket head cap screw #4-40  and the Trigger Pin which allows you to have a better grip and control over your Gun helping you to achieve better accuracy and speed between target engagement!

Disclaimer: This product is for competition use only and is not intended to be used on weapons intended for personal protection.

Volquartsen MKIII Style VT-3-4 Thumb Ledge Installation Instruction